MBBS in Ukraine


The MBBS in Ukraine is better opportunity for  Indian students , as Ukraine has lot of scope for medical study . Ukraine has emerged as the better medical study science country in the world . So , many students prefer to do MBBS from Ukraine , since last few years .

The medium of teaching is English , and not any other language . So , there is no language problem for Indian students for doing MBBS from Ukraine .

MBBS from Ukraine is better taught by international professors over there and is of the highest quality level .




Fees range for MBBS in Ukraine 


   The total fees in these colleges varies in the range of Rs 15 to 25  Lakhs for full course, depending upon the nature of college and its gradation . 




   1       The admission for doing MBBS in Ukraine  , the selection is based on the merit  you get in Competition Exam in India , 12th  standard examination and interview of the students

   2       Course duration for doing MBBS from Ukraine is 5 years

   3       Annual fee payment System is followed in Ukraine 

   4       For doing MBBS from Ukraine , the English medium studies  is carried out .

   5       No Donations os there for doing MBBS from Ukraine .


    11.    Suitable education system suited to 

            Indian conditions


6.   The medium of instructions is English.

 Associated Centers at :                              


 Kathmandu (Nepal)

 Ottawa (Canada)

 Lucknow, Gonda,


 Jaipur, Rajkot (India)

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