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MBBS in Russia is good opportunity for Indian students . The colleges for doing MBBS in Russia are much cheaper than in India and the quality of medical education is of international level . The students after doing MBBS from Russia can either pursue there higher education from there or can come back to India to pursue higher education from India . 



Fees  Range for doing MBBS in Russia


 The total fees in these colleges varies in the range of Rs 15 to 30 Lakhs for full course, depending upon the nature of college and its gradation in Russia .  Please go through the eligibility requirements for doing MBBS in Russia.



   1.  The admission selection is based on merit in 12th Standard Examination and PCB

   2.  Course duration 6 years in Russia (Including Internship).

   3.  Annual fee payment System

   4.  English medium studies  

   5.  No Donations is required for doing MBBS in Russia .

     7.English Medium studies in some Selected Universities in Russia whereas  Bilingual studies in

        some of the Universities.

   8. Suitable education system suited to Indian conditions .

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